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How to catch your man and keep hjim


I Love You ?

Posted on April 26, 2011 at 4:49 PM Comments comments (29)
To most of us women, these three little words  ( I Love You) unlock the doors to our  heart and have joy  pouring out, According to several studies conducted on Human Socialogy, 80% of normal fuctionaling relationship principles are built on these three little words. In one of my past relationsips I noticed that even after a year with my partner, I was still  not hearing these words,I felt depressed in some instances,  I later found other excuses to cement my belief that "Even if he didn't say it he  Meant It".
Eventually our relationship took it's course and we seperated, In the final  "God Bye", I asked why didn't you say"I LOVE YOU?', his response was "I Said It Once, YOU DiDn't Reply", I was suddenly dumbstruck, for a while I thought to myself, would that have changed   the way our relationship ended, was I really so caught up in myself that I had missed the three little words " I Love You!.