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Dear Friend,

Did you know that learning about how a man thinks... where he's coming from... and how he's likely to react is all part of knowing how to attract men. The way you respond in different situations can be one of the most valuable relationship "skills" you could ever give yourself.

So let's talk a little bit about how to attract men and how attraction works for men... and a "secret" you can quickly use on how to attract men that is guaranteed to work with a man you're dating or involved with.

First, let's start with the basics about how to attract men. There are two types of attraction: Physical and "Intellectual Attraction."

As a woman, you can attract men by wearing certain clothes, initiating and maintaining eye contact, touching a man softly and flirtatiously, being physically fit or having a certain "look" the man finds intriguing. These are very obvious and simple ways of how to attract men. But these things don’t affect a man at a very deep or lasting level.

On the other hand, what goes beyond Physical Attraction is something I call "Intellectual Attraction" and it goes much deeper, and is the kind of attraction that will make a man literally PINE AWAY for you when he's not near you. It's how to attract men in a way that engages them in their mind and heart. It entices him to want a deeper level of involvement and intimacy with you.

If you're trying to build a more "serious" relationship with a man based on the simple and fleeting Physical Attraction... things aren’t bound to grow too close or connected.

So let me be clear here...

Don't make the mistake in thinking that how to attract men and how to get a guy is purely through the physical, and that he's automatically going to want anything more committed or more MEANINGFUL beyond a physical, sexual involvement.

It's just the way men are wired. They are much more able to separate the desire to be physically intimate with a woman with the desire to spend a lot of time with her, or having her become a bigger part of his life.

On the other hand, if a man feels that deep level of INTELLECTUAL attraction to a woman, he will simply WANT to spend time and commit to her. There is nothing and no one that can convince him otherwise. He will not RESIST the relationship the way a man would if he were not "feeling it" for a woman.

So how to attract men in the RIGHT way – the LASTING way?

Creating that kind of intellectual attraction involves having the right combination of IRRESISTIBLE traits, such as being adventurous, independent, confident, unpredictable and compassionate, for starters. Women who are "naturals" at creating this sort of attraction are also able to avoid INTERNALIZING all the disappointment and pain from past relationship failure.

You will find these secrets in “Catch Him & Keep Him” ebook. It was written by Christian Carter - the #1 dating and relationship advice expert. This Book especially for women that explains how to attract men and be more successful in dating and relationships by UNDERSTANDING how men think and behave... all from a man's perspective.

In this book, Christian is going to take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step how to catch that great guy, and then how to KEEP him around for the long-term...

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